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Advancing AMR & Robotic Solution :

Precision, Connectivity, Safety

Redefined by Advantech's AFE-R Series

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Precision, Connectivity, Safety Precision, Connectivity, Safety Precision, Connectivity, Safety

Robotics innovation is soaring, reshaping industries far and wide. Advantech's AFE-R series has emerged as a game changer, driving efficiency to new heights in the robotics arena. This cutting-edge solution offers scalable, open architecture, making it a breeze for developers to enhance and consolidate workloads.

Sensor Fusion
  • Zero-loss imaging via MIPI-CSI & SERDES
  • Time synchronous
  • Low latency
  • OpenCV & OpenVINO
Open & Scalable Architecture
  • Hybrid computing
  • Scalable architecture
  • Workload consolidation
  • Performance vs. low power
Safety & Redundancy
  • OOB manageability
  • Redundancy
  • Dead reckoning
Localization & Navigation
  • Precision positioning
  • Wi-Fi fast roaming
  • V2V & V2I communication
  • SLAM & ROS2

Next-Generation Comprehensive Platform

AMR controller serves as a critical solution, offering comprehensive capabilities in navigation, obstacle avoidance, task execution, communication, safety, adaptability, energy management, monitoring, user interface, and integration with IoT and cloud services. AFE-R series devices play a central role in empowering autonomous mobile robots, ensuring seamless navigation, efficient task fulfillment, and adaptability to dynamic environments. They enable real-time adjustments, facilitate communication with other robots, assure safety, optimize energy consumption, and monitor health.


Accelerate Your AMR & Robotic Solution

Advantech is transforming the AMR sector with its advanced Arm-based edge AI and Robotic Suite. Designed for ROS compatibility, it offers a seamless, integrated experience for precise robotic automation control. Initiate your development with a robust, efficient solution that delivers powerful performance.

Advantech Robotics Suite
  • Advantech's offerings
  • Third-party software integration

Partner Collaboration

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