Advantech Puts a Unique Twist
on New Technology Evaluation

Test-driving cutting-edge networking gear based on the latest processors with acceleration and high performance I/O has never been easier.


What is RES?

Advantech's Remote Evaluation Service (RES) is designed to help customers get ahead of the technology curve and rapidly evaluate next-generation applications and services on a wide range of networking platforms that can emulate different deployment scenarios at different network locations. We work together with leading silicon, middleware and NFV ecosystem partners so that you can load your software onto Advantech Carrier Grade and Edge Servers, Network Appliances and Universal CPEs for:

Next-gen technology early evaluation and benchmarking
Next-gen technology
early evaluation
and benchmarking
To perform functional testing and platform certification
To perform functional
testing and platform
To get an early start on development while you wait for your first systems to be delivered
To get an early start on
development while you
wait for your first systems
to be delivered

The service puts virtual control of your own test lab at your finger-tips. You no longer incur the costs of shipping heavy freight around the world, purchasing expensive test rigs or breaking your back installing equipment in a lab which you probably wouldn't sit in anyway.

The program currently offers two levels of service:

The systems and platforms we propose are pre-integrated application ready platforms embedded in a qualified, dedicated, and secure network test environment. You can easily check out the performance gains achievable on next generation CPUs and NICs or see how their software scales on high-end servers and network appliances. You can measure the acceleration which DPDK and Intel® QuickAssist offload can bring and test service chaining of Virtual Network Functions hosted on a range of Universal CPEs with industry leading OS and NFVI suppliers.


For preconfigured payloads a no-frills service with support based on best effort is available free-of-charge to pre-qualified customers and partners.


A premium program establishes close interaction between your development team and Advantech service engineers with dedicated bespoke platforms, network environment and support.


Test Environment

Test Environment

Network Overview

Network Elements

TThe RES network is comprised of a Remote Access Server, the Evaluation Units and a Packet Generator:

Remote Access Server (RAS)
Remote Access Server (RAS)

The Remote Access Server is the first contact that the RES system has with firewall protection. A public IP and special port number is assigned to you with appropriate credentials. You also can upload applications via this server. The RES engineer will create an account for you to upload the files if necessary. The RAS has Ethernet and USB-to-Serial console ports for you to access the Evaluation Units.

Evaluation Units
Evaluation Units

RES provides a comprehensive framework for remote evaluation and performance testing of NFVIs and VNFs across a wide selection of Advantech platforms and hardware configurations. These platforms range from one to many cores, equipped with multiple gigabit to 100GbE ports, integrated into edge-to-cloud network appliances and servers.

Packet Generator
Packet Generator

In order to test the performance of the network devices, Advantech also provides a Packet Generator (PG) which can generate traffic as well as receive traffic to/from the EUs. The PG is an option from the RES service; please contact your Advantech sales representative if you are interested using this option in the evaluation. The Advantech Packet Generator supports 1, 10, 40 and 100GbE interfaces.

In order to register yourself for the program

1.First contact your local Advantech sales representative to obtain a Remote Evaluation Service (RES) application form. If you don't have local contact information you can also request a representative to get back to you by using the tab marked "Register" above.
2.After you have the completed the RES Application form including your evaluation project objectives and requirements, please send it to our RES service department at

The RES service engineer will then

3.Review your requirements and allocate the necessary hardware and network resource for your test purpose. The service engineer will set up a secure environment and pre-install the required Operating System (OS) or application SW to the Evaluation Unit.
4.Provide you with the necessary credential information. After this point, you can start to load your software and conduct trial tests on the EU. Should you encounter any access problems, please contact service deparment with the above email address.

After the evaluation period, the OS, applications and system log will be purged immediately with a low-level format on the Evaluation Units' storage devices. Because of this, if you plan to extend the evaluation period, please renew the RES request by submitting a news RES application form at least three days before the evaluation expires.


Live Portals

One of the prime objectives of Advantech's Remote Evaluation Service (RES) is to allow developers to test performance and functionality of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) running on pre-validated environments powered by middleware from our software partners. Various partner portals are accessible through RES and can be used by service providers, integrators and partners to rapidly validate VNFs across a broad range of Advantech networking platforms.


Put a Unique Twist on New Technology Evalution

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