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Explore DeviceOn - iService Suite and experience a unified device management solution that addresses your challenges in IT endpoint management.

Benefits of DeviceOn


Reduce management costs


Improve system availability


Improve customer satisfaction

Real-Time Notifications Reduce Downtime

Real-time notifications and device management facilitates remote shutdown, reboot, and snapshotting for troubleshooting, reducing downtime and ensuring reliable operation.


Rapid Device Filtering

DeviceOn uses customizable labels equipped with meaningful device information, such as hardware type, OS, and location, to facilitate rapid device filtering for OTA updates, remote access, and batch control operations.

Manage Diverse Devices, Peripherals, and Software

Compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Android, and Linux, DeviceOn allows diverse field devices, peripherals, and software to be managed concurrently, while also increasing their visibility for real-time monitoring.


Batch Control Maximizes Efficiency

The batch control function allows hardware configuration or OTA updates to be performed on multiple devices simultaneously, minimizing execution time and maximizing the efficiency of IoT management.