Real-time Progress
Real-time Order Tracking On Your Fingertips
Real-time Progress allows managers to quickly grasp line production information and operators to understand your own production progress, further improving productivity and shortening production cycles for your smart manufacturing.
Design for Manufacturers
Enable data for legacy
No need to spend a lot of money on a new machine, just add a tablet and system to easily control the production data in the workshop.
Enhance data capabilities for existing equipment
Providing the close relationship between the host and devices allows managers to get analytical data and control the overall situation of the factory just from the situation center.
Successful Story | HITI x WISE-iFactory
Speeding up Digitalization in the Fastener Industry to Gain Market Position
“With Advantech and HITI Ltd.’s partnership, the power of digital transformation has been deployed by SHIN-MONE SCREW, and we will continully plan to digitalize our processes such as design, mold management, material tracking, and more. We believe the digitalization of our production from end to end will lead us to success and be resilient on our way to the global diversification.”
- Mark Kuo, Vice President of SHIN-MONE SCREW CO., LTD.
Pain Points
Resource Wastage
Difficult to detect problems in real time and waste of resources occurs.
Time Sensitivity
Difficult to require accurate production planning.
Complex Manufacturing Process
Difficult to access critical production data from multiple steps and departments.
How to Solve
Real-time Dashboard
Manage and dispatch work orders digitally.
Digital Work Order
Just-in-time work order status and dispatch to accelerate production cycles.
Complete Record of Data
Complete production data for future traceability and business analysis.
Gain Benefits
Improve Production Utilization Efficiency
Waste and inefficiencies in the production process can be identified and solved in a timely manner, reducing energy and resource waste.
Reduce Production
Timely detection and resolution of problems in the production process can reduce waste and delays, thus reducing production costs.
Improve Production Flexibility
Companies can better grasp the production situation to better schedule production, thereby increasing production flexibility and agility.
Focused Industry
Metal Processing
Electronic Manufacturing
Footwear& Textile
System Diagram
Recommended Starter Packages & Products
Cloud-based Package
  • Edge Computing MIC-770 V2 (i7/ 32G/ SSD 128G & HDD 1T/ Win 10) with WISE iFactory RTM
  • Including Data retention for 1 year
  • Support Web/Tablet operation
  • 12-month 5 licenses of hit product Shop Floor I.App service subscription for the first year
  • 15" XGA TFT LCD flat panel with projected capacitive (default) or resistive (by reuqest) touchscreen
  • Intel® Core™ i5-1145G7E processor with fanless system design
  • 12-month 5 licenses of hit product Shop Floor I.App service subscription for the first year
Optional Products
  • Incorporating 2D imaging barcode scanning technology
  • Quick decoding 3mil barcode even with damaged or poorly printed
  • Durable design: 1.5 meters drop test and IP54-rated
  • eAI LoRa Gateway SLG1211 with Power adaptor
  • eAI LoRa IoT Box NLS105 with Power module

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