Work Mentor
Efficient Digital SOP Management System
Utilizing standard operating procedures (SOPs) in a factory can greatly improve production efficiency and maintain consistent quality of mass-produced items. Managing and maintaining paper-based SOPs can be quite challenging. The Wise-iFactory Work Mentor starter package provides an eManual that comprises an Intelligent All-in-One computer with a process guide function. Work Mentor offers several benefits, including reduced paper usage, minimized maintenance and management time, and enhanced on-site operator convenience.
With Work Mentor, customers have no need to print paper instructions, which saves resources and money.
Maintenance Time
With a digital manual, the management and maintenance of SOPs becomes flexible and convenient.
Increased Production
Time is saved from searching for work instructions. This reduces production time required and increases production efficiency.
Key Features
Easy Setup
Setup can be completed in a few easy steps. The built-in work instruction editor is intuitive with drag-and-drop functionality. No programming is needed.
Web-Based Application
You don’t have to install additional software and it will work on any device such as a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, etc.
Integrated Interface
An API is provided for other I.APPs or upper layer systems such as MES, ERP, Shop Floor, and Maintenance to input process data and collect cycle times.
Target Audience
For High-Tech/Long-Process Industrial Assembly
Digital SOPs are well-suited to manufacturing industries with intricate assembly steps and low error tolerance. Digital SOPs provide detailed graphics and text to on-site staff. This improves precision and reduces errors and costs associated with paper SOPs.
System Diagram
Recommended Products
Intelligent AII-in-One
  • 15" XGA TFT LCD flat panel with projected capacitive (default) or resistive (by request) touchscreen
  • Intel® Core™ i5-1145G7E processor with fanless system design

  • 12-month subscription with 5 licenses for the eManual I.App service for the first year
  • Digital SOP provides accurate product information, fast updates to shorten operator learning curve.
Barcode Scanner
  • Incorporates 2D imaging scanning technology
  • Quick decoding of 3-mil barcodes, even if damaged or poorly printed
  • Durable design: 1.5-meter drop-tested and IP54-rated

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