Design-to-Order Services

  • Extensive Design Capabilities

    We excel at in-vehicle solutions and are able to achieve standards such as MILSTD-810G, 5M3, IP69K, and others. Our design capabilities allows our customers to maximize efficiency in various in-vehicle environments.

  • Market-Proven Consulting Services

    Our teams benefit from close partnerships with hardware and software vendors. This provides them with a feasible analysis to ensure customers’ visions are met.

  • Reliable Manufacturing

    A disciplined approach and consistent project management methodology ensures project quality.

  • Product Longevity

    Product functionality and long-term reliability have always been among our core beliefs to achieve efficiency and provide convenience to customers.

Design Capabilities

  • Ruggedized Design

    Built to withstand harsh environments

  • Thermal Design

    Ensuring stable operation in Extreme environments

  • Power Management

  • Wireless Communication

  • AI Capabilities

  • Platforms

  • Software Services

Drawing on extensive experience in the in-vehicle industries, we possess the design expertise necessary to guarantee the resilience of our products in the most demanding environments. Our commitment extends to enduring challenges such as shock and vibration, water and dust ingress, and issues related to electrical integrity.

  • IP69K
  • EN60721-3-5 Class 5M3
  • IK08
  • ISO 7637-2 Pulse 5A

We design computers with extreme temperature resilience, with operating ranges from -30°C to 70°C. Component selection is fine-tuned and simulation software is employed to maintain stability. Strict testing on each feature allows worry-free software and system development.

  • All Key Component Thermal Monitoring

    Infrared thermal imaging will be employed to scan and identify hotspots. Monitoring will be conducted during high-temperature testing to ensure optimal performance.

  • Full Loading Test

    According to product specifications, the equipment will be subjected to high-load conditions and tested in high-temperature environments to ensure proper functionality.

  • Fanless Design without Airflow

    Without cooling fan devices in the system, fanless design enables higher reliability, ingress protection and better energy efficiency.

  • Heat Pipe and Fin Design

    Our heat pipe and fin design are optimized to ensure effective heat dissipation, prioritizing thermal efficiency even at a higher cost.

Our power protection design ensures the system is safeguarded against voltage/electrode instability caused by harsh environmental conditions, providing an extended product lifecycle guarantee.

Power Management

  • Delay On/Off ensures data transmission.

  • Low Voltage Protection guards against battery damage and guarantees the secure operation of the computer.

  • Force shutdown prevents abnormal shutdown delay.

Power Design

  • ISO 7673-2 Pulse 5a survives much more aggressive voltage instability than standard E-Mark standard.

  • Reverse Protection prevents system damage due to reverse voltage and voltage drop.

  • 5G/4G LTE
  • V2X
  • Wi-Fi 6E, Roaming

We integrate a variety of AI modules to deliver the most tailored solutions in any application scenario, helping clients address specific needs within their domains and create unique value.

Our team has the capability to design across various platforms to meet diverse application requirements, ensuring the creation of maximum value.

Advantech’s In-Vehicle DTOS Solutions also offer SDK package designs that delve into industry-specific requirements, encompassing functions such as automotive power management, in-vehicle communication protocols, and audio-video signal integration. This enables customers to seamlessly and swiftly implement solutions in their specific domains.

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Why Advantech

As domain experts, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge design capabilities with the reliability of a well-established industrial computing brand. Our customized services cater to in-vehicle industries, showcasing our commitment to excellence. Backed by extensive design know-how, we provide innovative solutions tailored to unique client needs. We stand as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Our track record makes us the preferred partner for a harmonious blend of customized design services and a reputable brand.


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Customize to Create Value

With in-depth technical insight in the industry, the Advantech in-vehicle DMS team is always ready to support clients on the right technical proposal. Count on us to create value.

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