Enabling Predictive Maintenance with Vibration Sensing Analysis

Through anomaly detection of vibration, mechanical device performance can be identified to decline. That is the reason why vibration sensing is essential for predictive maintenance.

Advantech provides comprehensive products for vibration sensing, including wireless sensor nodes, vibration sensing gateways, USB modules, PCI/PCIE cards and all-in-one integrated DAQ platforms. DAQNavi/MCM is a machine condition monitoring and analysis software that provides a perfect match for these devices. It provides a time/ frequency (FFT) domain waveform viewer, data logger, and communication functions. Advantech vibration solution makes vibration sensing and analysis quick and easy.


Industrial IoT Insights

Edge Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance

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Effortless LoRaWAN Vibration Sensor for Equipment Management

To implement an effective preventive maintenance program, monitoring the vibration levels of your valuable equipment is an essential task that cannot be overlooked. Advantech's LoRaWAN vibration sensor can detect the vibration of equipment 24 hours a day and make immediate diagnosis following ISO 10816 guidelines to help manufacturers conduct effective preventive maintenance schedules that improve OEE.

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Target Applications
  • Water Pump
  • Blower Ventilation Motor
  • Industrial Compressor
  • Conveyor Motor
System Structure
Water Pump

Total Solution for Predictive Maintenance with Intelligent Vibration Sensing Gateway

Intelligent vibration sensing gateways are embedded solutions for edge AI (machine learning) and vibration data acquisition. They offer an effective low cost predictive maintenance solution and incorporate AI (machine learning) training utility, edge computing (inference firmware), high performance data acquisition (ADC), and high accuracy MEMS accelerometer. Unlike cloud computing, edge AI is more responsive and real-time which makes an intelligent vibration gateway ideally suited for monitoring the condition of the critical assets like CNC machine spindle status, elevator/ escalator system prognostics, precision linear slides, ball screws, bearings and other equipment with mechanical moving parts.

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Target Applications
  • CNC
  • Band Saw Machine
  • Escalator
  • Elevator

DAQ Devices for Vibration Sensing and Analysis

Advantech offers different form factor DAQ devices for vibration sensing. PCIE-1802/1803 are state-of-the-art DAQ cards for high accuracy and excellent performance. The USB-5801 USB DAQ module is suitable for portable or embedded applications, and MIC-1800 series is the all-in-one solution which combines the DAQ and x86 platform. All these devices are supported by DAQNavi/MCM vibration analysis software, which makes machine condition monitoring becoming a simple task for SI engineers. The high-performance DAQ devices are suitable for critical or high value equipment such as CNC, laser drilling machine, turbine blade, or engine.

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Target Applications
  • CNC
  • Laser Drilling Machine
  • Turbine Blade
  • Engine
System Structure
Water Pump
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