Feature Highlights

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Integrated AI technology enables high-performance edge computing and rapid processing of large volumes of road, vehicle, and traffic data

Convenient Scalability

Convenient Scalability

Modular design allows flexible configuration according to specific usage requirements and convenient scalability for future applications

Real-Time Transmissions

Real-Time Transmissions

Supports 5G and V2X connectivity to enable real-time data transmissions and communication for performance analysis and monitoring

Reliable Operation

Reliable Operation

Rugged design can withstand rough handling to ensure reliable operation and stable functionality in harsh in-vehicle/outdoor environments

RSU Application Scenarios and Solutions

Pedestrian Safety

  • Real-time data transmissions via 5G/V2X
  • AI analysis

High-performance AI analysis is conducted to detect and identify moving objects, including pedestrians, vehicles, and bicycles; while real-time transmissions via 5G and V2X ensure prompt communication and responsiveness for rapid decision-making.

Traffic Management

  • Real-time data transmissions
  • Rugged solution hardware

Intelligent roadside units can be deployed to facilitate environmental monitoring, road closures/diversions, emergency vehicle prioritization, and traffic signaling control. To support operation in harsh in-vehicle/outdoor environments, the solution hardware is ruggedized for shock/vibration resistance, ingress protection, and a wide operating temperature range.

Driving Safety

  • In-vehicle computing
  • ADAS integration

AI analysis combined with advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) modules facilitate driver behavior monitoring, blind spot detection, forward collision warning, traffic sign recognition, and moving object detection for actionable insights that enhance driving safety.

Traffic Law Enforcement

  • AI analysis
  • Data management

With the inclusion of real-time AI analysis capabilities, RSUs can be used to detect and record incidents of unlawful behavior, recognize traffic violations, and monitor vehicle number plates according to application needs. Collected data can be rapidly processed for situational intelligence to alert relevant authorities and support law enforcement efforts.

Product Offerings


A robust and highly customizable, modular, in-vehicle AI computing platform built to support a wide range of public transportation, video surveillance, traffic monitoring, and fleet management applications.


TREK-150, an advanced, multifunction Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) module that combines Front Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Headway Monitoring and Pedestrian detection algorithms. It is a vision-based active safety solution for accident prevention and injury mitigation using deep learning video recognition algorithm.


Intelligent driver behavior recognition camera module embedded with precise AI facial recognition, monitors movements of driver eye & mouth to detect drowsiness and distraction and supports face-mask detection. TREK-152 can be integrated with in-vehicle computer equipped with analog video input for video recording and streaming for subsequent analysis.


TREK-154 Intelligent blind spot detection module is an in-vehicle vision-based safety solution that uses image recognition technologies and algorithms as well as real-time visual and audio alarm notifications to warn of driving misbehavior.It supports high dynamic range (HDR) imaging to ensure clear and accurate imaging even in direct sunlight or poorly lit environments.


TREK-306DH is a 7” in-vehicle TFT display with 4-wire resistive touch control designed for pairing with a TREK computing box to facilitate mobile resource management applications in diverse vehicles.

Advantech Intelligent RSU Solution Structure

Advantech Intelligent RSU Solutions Structure