Enhance Passenger Satisfaction

Enhance Passenger Satisfaction

Increase Driving Safety

Increase Driving Safety

Optimize Operational Effciency

Optimize Operational Effciency

Augment Advertisement Revenue

Augment Advertisement Revenue

eBus Solutions

eBus Management Cloud Solution

Aimed at satisfying demands for intelligent public transportation, Advantech’s intelligent bus solutions leverage AIoT technology and intelligent hardware to provide 5 key systems: fleet management system, vehicle dispatch system, depot management system, passenger information system, and operations report system.

  1. Dashboard with real-time alerts enables data visualization
  2. Cloud-based big data analytics ensures accurate scheduling and dispatch management
  3. Generate reports of event notifications, route history, and vehicle statistics to optimize fleet management and enhance safety
  4. Flexible deployment with on-site hardware and cloud-based software/service support
  5. RESTful APIs facilitate the integration of third-party systems/devices
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TREK In-Vehicle Computing Platform

Advantech’s TREK in-vehicle computing platform combines a TREK-60 in-vehicle computer with a TREK-306P FL smart display to facilitate mobile resource management and edge AI. The modular design allows the platform to be flexibly integrated with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for enhanced driving safety.

  1. 8 x camera input channels and AI accelerator for advanced video surveillance
  2. 5G, RF, and C-V2X communication capabilities enable real-time processing for edge AI applications
  3. Industrial-grade design (MIL-STD-810G and 5M3 certified for shock and vibration tolerance, wide operating temperature range [-30 ~ 70 °C/-22 ~ 158 °F], and wide input power range) can withstand rough handling and harsh environments
  4. Easy pairing with TREK displays via a single-cable connection
  5. Vehicle-grade 10” (4:3) XGA TFT LCD with projected capacitive touch screen

AI-Based Fleet Safety

Advantech’s AI-based fleet safety solutions leverage image recognition technologies and AI algorithms with visual and audio alerts to provide advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that enhance driving safety. Current ADAS modules include the TREK-150 forward collision warning and lane departure monitoring module, TREK-152 driver behavior monitoring module with long-range detection capabilities, and TREK-154 ultra-wide blind spot detection module. These modules can be integrated with software from ecosystem partners to facilitate real-time collision avoidance and driver behavior/fleet safety monitoring.​

  1. ADAS modules (for blind spot detection, driver behavior recognition, and forward collision avoidance) with real-time visual and audio alerts enhance driving safety
  2. Camera image/video recording can be output to the in-vehicle display
  3. Wide operating temperature range (-30 ~ 85 °C/-22 ~ 185 °F)
  4. MIL-STD-810G and 5M3 certified for shock and vibration tolerance
  5. Suitable for in-vehicle applications with support for both day and night lighting conditions

Interactive Multimedia

Advantech’s SignageCMS interactive multimedia software provides a convenient solution for managing and broadcasting digital signage content. With this software, users can automate workflows, create custom content, schedule programs for distribution, update information, and broadcast the same content to multiple client devices. This transforms digital signage into a powerful communication tool for increasing customer engagement and boosting revenue.

  1. Server-client architecture allows signage programs to be managed remotely
  2. Edit and dispatch programs quickly with an easy-to-navigate interface
  3. Supports multi-screen display functionality (up to 10 display outputs)
  4. Facilitates remote content scheduling, updates, and scaling for real-time responsiveness
  5. Single server can be connected to unlimited client devices
Field Service

Our intelligent eBus solutions optimize fleet management and resource allocation, while also enhancing driving safety and passenger satisfaction.

Essential eBus Technology

  • ADAS modules (blind spot detection, driver behavior recognition, and forward collision avoidance) leverage edge AI computing for enhanced driving safety
  • ITxPT eBus architecture with SAE J1455, ISO7637, and e-Mark vehicle-grade certification enables comprehensive integrated solution that can withstand operation in harsh environments
  • Cloud-based fleet management platform and big data analytics enable effective vehicle scheduling and dispatch
  • Reports listing event notifications, route history, and vehicle statistics can be easily generated for review to optimize fleet management and road safety
  • Travel information and service/product advertisements can be conveniently displayed to improve passenger satisfaction and increase revenue

Optimize Driving Safety
with AI Solutions

Advantech’s intelligent eBus solution with ADAS modules for enhanced safety.

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