AIoT Software and Services — BIOS, OS, Utilities, and APIs

Connecting to Leading Edge Technologies

Embedded applications are becoming ever more complex. But no matter how fast things change, the System Integrator is looking for efficient solutions that seamlessly integrate embedded hardware and software. Based on years of experience in embedded computing, Advantech has a dedicated global embedded software team to provide a range of services from Embedded BIOS, OS, to software APIs and utilities. Making use of these seamless hardware and software integration services, embedded developers can decrease design effort and project complexity, and accelerate product development.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated Product Development & Deployment
  • Enhanced System Reliability & Manageability
  • Keeping Up with Current Software Innovations

Ubuntu Delivers Game-changing Linux IoT Experience

Ubuntu is a leading Linux desktop OS that continues to expand into IoT. Accordingly, Ubuntu empowers applications in gateways, robotics, self-driving cars, drones, and consumer electronics. As a leading IPC manufacturer, Advantech seeks to provide the best out-of-box experience for customers using Ubuntu in IoT applications. We offer embedded Ubuntu with hardware access interfaces and ready-to-use applications like SUSI API and WISE-DeviceOn. These features deliver an effortless deployment experience to Ubuntu customers. Meanwhile, to modify and pre-load Ubuntu products for shipment, please do purchase the Ubuntu per-device service fee and to make your device get the Ubuntu certification (Canonical IP policy).Please contact Advantech for the services.

Service Highlights

Ubuntu Desktop Hardware Certification

  • Functionality verification
  • Security update
  • Maintenance update

Tri-weekly testing for Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs)

Advantech Embedded Image Building

  • Good out-of-box experience
  • Advantech SUSI API
  • Advantech WISE-DeviceOn

Azure IoT Plug and Play Certified Devices

IoT solution development can be time consuming and usually require close collaboration between device and cloud developers. The focus of Azure IoT Plug and Play is to deliver capabilities and services that accelerate IoT solutions by allowing solution/device builders to integrate devices without writing any embedded code.

At the center of IoT Plug and Play is a schema that describes device capabilities by a set of interface which is using Digital Twin Definition Language (DTDL) to make IoT Plug and Play can work with  Azure Digital Twins , so that the IoT devices can easily declare their capabilities to cloud solutions. 

Advantech offers more than 50 devices already certified by Azure IoT Plug and Play, by eliminating the hours of coding required, the certified devices simplifies edge-to-cloud solution development and reduces the integration time. 

Service Highlights

Azure IoT Plug and Play Certification Services

The Plug and Play certified Advantech devices would be listed on Azure Certified Device Catalog. Find out the PNP certified Advantech devices from the catalog via the link above to shorten the development timeframe for your IoT solution.

Windows IoT

Advantech provides a full range of Microsoft Windows Embedded OS designed to run on embedded systems such as POS, kiosks, digital signage, automotive computers, automation devices, and small footprint, real time, and handheld devices. We offer ready-to-use embedded OS images and a complete set of built-in applications, such as the Windows 10 IoT Lockdown Utility, WISE-DeviceOn, and SUSI API to enable efficient device management and application development.

Acquiring this solution:New Paragraph

When purchasing the following Windows 10 licenses with Advantech devices, users gain access to Windows 10 Lockdown Utility, SUSI API, HDD PMQ, and WISE-DeviceOn:

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB

Windows 10 IoT Lockdown Utility

Windows 10 IoT offers lockdown functions to manage OS operation settings. However, customers need to go through commands line-by-line to finish a setting. To enhance the convenience of lockdown settings from Windows 10 IoT, the Advantech Windows 10 Lockdown Utility is designed with an easy-to-use interface; allowing customers to enable/disable the lockdown features with just one click for easier-than-ever OS operations management.

Service Highlights

Customization Setup

Provides superior user experience without assistance from technical staff

  • Shell Launcher
  • Automatic Logon
  • Windows Boot Logo
  • Hibernate
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del Screen Option
  • Microsoft defender
  • OneDrive Settings
  • Black screen when BSOD
  • LoginScreen
  • Action center
  • Windows Update
  • Device Control

Operation safety

Prevents end-users from modifying OS settings for devices in public areas

  • Unified Write Filter
  • Keyboard filter
  • HORM
  • Touch Setting
  • USB Storage Control
  • Notification Setting

Windows 10 HDD PMQ

A damaged storage device can be caused be numerous factors — including temperature and aging. Storage device damage can cause costly downtime and raise maintenance costs. In an effort to forewarn users of potential damage, Advantech developed Windows 10 HDD PMQ utility to perform regular hard drives health checks aimed at predicting degradation. Users will be able to prevent data loss and backup files before incidents occur using this system.

Service Highlights

Storage Health Monitor

For HDD and Advantech SQFlash SSD

  • Storage device health level monitoring
  • Four month device degradation prediction

Provides Damage Warnings and Suggestions

Aids users in performing predictive maintenance

  • Use big data ML to predict potential damage
  • Provides advanced warning and related suggestions to avoid data loss


As IoT applications continue expanding, device management is now more important than ever. Advantech DeviceOn software provides an intelligent networking and AI-based detection solution for device monitoring and predictive maintenance that ensures stable operation and convenient management for IoT devices. DeviceOn is included in Advantech hardware devices bundled with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, enabling improved device management.

SUSI APIs (Secure, Unified, and Smart Interface)

If you are a software developer or a system integrator, you are writing applications that require direct hardware access. Unfortunately, that access is no longer available in modern operating systems. So you have to locate and study reams of specifications to write the appropriate drivers, and that is a complex and time-consuming job. To ease the burden, Advantech has created SUSI (Secure and Unified Smart interface) with user-friendly, intelligent and integrated interfaces that speed development, enhance security, and offer add-on value for Advantech platforms. With them, customers can more easily program and configure features while keeping full control of their applications.

Service Highlights

System Protection

Secure system data and protect system performance

  • Data security
  • Watch Dog Timer
  • Thermal protection
  • System throttling

Device Monitoring

Monitor and detect device data for further management

  • Smart fan
  • Hardware monitoring
  • System information

I/O Control

Access and manage I/O for device control

  • GPIO
  • SMBus/I2C
  • Backlight on/off
  • Brightness
  • CANBus

Application Extension

Access to external modules or devices for application development

  • PoE
  • G-sensor
  • Intelligent display
  • Virtual COM

Embedded BIOS

Advantech provides full-featured Embedded BIOS solutions that deliver the superior performance compatibility and functionality that System Integrators need. A variety of options and extensions let customers tailor their products to a wide range of target markets. Secure boot options are optimized to make sure POST period before Operation System takeover is secured. Furthermore, it includes firmware utilities for building custom firmware tools for multiple OSs, such as DMI, BIOS configurations, and modules.

Service Highlights

Multi-Layer Security

Provided are three levels of security, including solidified SPI, storage security, and boot management to protect from viruses, malware, and uncertified devices in the pre-OS environment.

Firmware Utilities

Advantech offers easy-to-use utilities—Logo Change, DMI Editor, Configuration Tool, and the EC Update Tool—to build custom firmware tools for multiple OSs and modules.

Customization Services

Featured are modularized designs and customizable mechanisms that speed up system development and make customization easy. Proven quality, rapid execution, and Industry-leading experience are the hallmarks of our consulting service.

Application Scenario


  • Advertisement / information display
  • Self-service kiosk/ locker


  • Robotic arm
  • Intelligent assembly

Smart City

  • EV charging system
  • Smart parking system