The Easiest Way to Connect and Manage All Things Together

EdgeSync 360/ EdgeHub, also known as EdgeHub (formerly WISE-Edge365), is a centralized platform that streamlines edge connectivity, device management, and data analysis, distributing intelligence across edge devices. It offers a seamless method to mass deploy and update not only software applications but also Docker containers, firmware, operating systems, and Linux applications in batches from cloud to edge. Users would be able to implement new software configurations remotely across an industrial plant or multiple equipment.

Pay-As-You-Go SaaS Subscription

Edge-to-Cloud Connectivity

Remote Device Management

Data Management

Connect to Edge Devices
Connect to Cloud Service
Manage from the Cloud

Connect all Things at the Edge

200+ communication drivers and multiple protocols support

EdgeHub utilizes edge intelligence software that supports over 200 communication drivers to connect devices, such as PLCs, meters, and sensors. It also employs protocol conversion to integrate different devices and systems.

Connect to Edge Devices
Connect to Cloud Service
Manage from the Cloud

Link IoT Devices to Cloud

Authentication & instant onboarding

Facilitate device onboarding to EdgeHub with unified edge agent, ensuring robust and secure device authentication for heightened system reliability.

Enhanced security with VPN & MQTTs

Transfer of your asset data over the public internet securely, and protect sensitive data within internal network.

Connect to Edge Devices
Connect to Cloud Service
Manage from the Cloud

Manage Device and Data from the Cloud

Real-time monitoring & remote control

Take control from anywhere, and save hours monitoring the asset performance to prevent losses and damages.

OTA update: firmware, software, application

Update your devices with new features and avoid downtime to maintain healthy IoT deployment.

Data aggregation

Collect and store telemetry data, and access the gathered information through customizable web dashboards or APIs.

Dashboard and alarm notification

View asset status with dashboard wizard, stay informed, and conduct maintenance in advance.

Multi-tenant architecture

Provide organizations a scalable, cost-effective, and secured solution to serve multiple tenants on SaaS.

Open API for easy integration

Smoothly connect with platforms like Azure IoT Core, Grafana, and InfluxDB. Compatible with industrial solutions such as energy management and IT systems, offering versatility for diverse applications.

Manage Your Advantech Hardware with
EdgeSync 360/ EdgeHub

EdgeHub plays an essential role in device management of different Advantech hardware, such as remote I/O, wireless I/O, protocol gateways, IPC, and more.

Functions Remote I/O Wireless I/O Protocol Gateway (EdgeLink) IPC & Panel PC
Remote I/O Configuration
Remote I/O, OS, Tag Monitor
Remote OS Control
(Reboot, Shutdown)
Remote iBMC Control
(Turn On, Turn Off, Reset, Shutdown)
(Hardware must support iBMC)
Firmware OTA
Configuration File OTA
Remote Application Management
EdgeLink Project File Dispatch

Begin Transforming the Way You Manage IoT Devices

Get started with a 90-day trial to learn more about EdgeSync 360/ EdgeHub.

EdgeSync 360/ EdgeHub Online Training

Enroll in the free courses on Advantech IoT Academy to understand how to operate EdgeHub step-by-step

Edge Computer Management

EdgeLink Modules Management

Data Management and Visualization

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How Can EdgeSync 360/ EdgeHub Manage Key Infrastructure Assets?

Dynamic control of energy distribution to EV chargers

EdgeHub can remotely configure and manage gateways, which connected to EV chargers, to ensure that all vehicles are charged efficiently and in accordance with their charging capacity, while staying within the maximum available power.

*Device management of cellular routers by EdgeHub will be available soon.

Improve security and safety by creating virtual physics models

By creating virtual models of assets with EdgeHub, operators in the oil and gas industry can identify potential issues before they occur and test safety protocols without putting any personnel at risk.

Monitor the performance of facilities with real-time dashboard

With dashboard wizard, EdgeHub helps water treatment system operators visualize and analyze data in real-time. By monitoring key parameters, such as flow rate, water quality, and vibration of pumps, operators can identify issues and improve overall system performance.

We Bring Benefits to IoT Device Management

Real-time information on
asset condition

Users can remotely monitor and access devices and equipment in hard-to-reach areas to enable remote troubleshooting.

Seamless connectivity in
large-scale IoT deployment

EdgeHub can get devices and assets connect to IoT networks easier and faster using different standards and protocols.

Sufficient data visibility

With remote access and data visualization tools, EdgeHub helps make data accessible to stakeholders, enabling them to make informed decisions.


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To participate the EdgeHub trial, please visit EdgeHub product page to redeem the 90-day trial plan, which includes quota of 5 devices and 100 parameters with full features, and visit EdgeHub portal to activate the trial.

During EdgeHub trial, participants will have access to the EdgeHub portal to experience the device management features by connecting up to 5 devices for a period of 3 months. You can remotely configure and manage connected devices, and monitor their performance.

To qualify for an extension, users should meet certain criteria, such as having the devices connected to the EdgeHub and demonstrating a certain level of engagement with the service. We will review your user experience and work with you to determine the best course of action.

During the trial period, you can purchase licenses from the EdgeHub product page. The trial license is valid until the trial period ends. After the conclusion of the trial, the quota from trial license will be removed. To continue accessing EdgeHub services and keep the data after the trial ends, please make sure you subscribe and activate sufficient licenses for your tenant.

After the 90-day trial period, your access to EdgeHub services will expire if you don't purchase licenses. Data published to EdgeHub during the trial period will be deleted 30 days after the conclusion of the trial.

(1) System integrators (2) Solution providers (3) Network service providers (4) Anyone who manages and monitors a large number of connected devices or assets

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