Advancements in mobile technology and demands for increased digitalization are transforming the manufacturing industry. Advantech offers diverse mobile computing solutions, including its AIM series industrial tablets and DLT series vehicle-mounted terminals (VMTs), that can be flexibly deployed for a wide range of manufacturing applications.

Application Scenarios

Manufacturing Execution System

Operations Monitoring

  • Manufacturing execution systems
  • Stationary HMI workstations
Shop Flow Management

Workflow Management

  • Resource allocation and optimization systems
  • Productivity tracking and data collection
Quality control

Quality Control Inspections

  • Quality assurance auditing
  • Digital checklists and automated reporting

Intralogistics Processing

  • Materials inventory and tracking
  • Warehousing and shipping optimization
Factory Inspection

Factory Management

  • Centralized data collection and visualization
  • Maintenance scheduling and dispatch
Picking and Packing

Picking and Packing

  • Digital inventory and picking systems
  • Rapid order fulfilment and delivery

Product Highlights

AIM Industrial-Grade Tablets

The AIM series are industrial-grade tablets that feature a rugged yet lightweight design to ensure maximum portability. In addition to built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and LTE technology for high-speed data transmissions, AIM tablets are equipped with expansion ports for integrating optional peripherals, such as a thermal printer, carry strap, and charging dock, according to usage needs.

DLT Vehicle-Mounted Terminals

Built to withstand extreme temperatures and challenging environments, the DLT series are rugged, high-performance computing terminals aimed at in-vehicle installation. Equipped with LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi roaming capabilities for real-time communication, DLT VMTs enable increased productivity and process integration for reliable industrial applications.