Remote Evaluation Service
for Open Source SD-WAN on uCPE White Boxes

This SD-WAN Test-Drive Portal allows you to test performance and functionality of open-source SD-WAN solutions based on flexiWAN software, Enea NFVI platform, Advantech uCPE white boxes and UBiqube’s underlying integrated automation platform. It provides service providers and integrators with an easy-to-use framework to validate different secure SD-WAN configurations and evaluate critical aspects such as scalability, security, usability and openness.

Register here to start your free SD-WAN Test-Drive.

What’s In It For You

  • Accelerate the Evaluation Process:  quickly kick off SD‑WAN hardware and software evaluation without having to deal with all the shipping, licensing and setting up hassle.
  • Choose From the Widest uCPE Range: take any Advantech uCPE white box for a test-drive, from ultra-low footprint to high-end performance.
  • Simplify Decision-Making: get your hands on pre-validated SD-WAN stacks that have been configured to perform well together.
  • Find Your Sweet Spot: mix and match software and hardware components, get rid of unnecessary load and find the perfect feature-set that matches your customer’s compute, throughput and storage needs.
  • Quick Start SD-WAN: start getting familiarized with Enea uCPE manager, flexiWAN SD-WAN controller and UBiqube’s MSActivator™, reproducing everyday situations on real-world networking gear.

Unlock the Full Potential of SD-WAN

SD-WAN enables network virtualization and automation which translates into greater service agility and a more efficient use of resources. The industry has already acknowledged these benefits and service providers are turning to more open and cost-effective ways to run their networks with white-box uCPE and open source initiatives taking centre stage.
Advantech, Enea, flexiWAN and UBiqube have teamed up on a solution which leverages integrated automation through UBiqube’s MSActivator™, flexiWAN SD-WAN, a slim NFVI based on Enea NFV Access and Advantech white box uCPEs. The solution, which is available for evaluation through this portal, embraces SDN/NFV principles of openness, modularity, scalability, longevity and cost efficiency, allowing communication service providers to unlock the full potential of SD-WAN. Watch the videos below and explore the resources tab to learn more.

Contact Us to Discuss Pricing

This portal is available to customers free of charge. Go to the registration tab to request your free test drive.
In addition, Advantech and partners Enea and flexiWAN have launched a series of uCPE & Open Source SD-WAN Starter Kits based on flexiWAN SD-WAN, Enea NFV Access and Advantech white boxes. These license-free, pre-integrated bundles have been designed to facilitate uCPE adoption. More information about the kits is avialable on the Starter Kits tab.
For pricing requests about Advantech whitebox solutions or to discuss your specific SD-WAN and uCPE project needs, please contact us at or fill out the form below. We will evaluate your requirements and provide quotation based on configuration and volume.